We LOVE chocolate – you too?


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We offer tours around the Finca Palma Dorada, chocolate tasting and much more!

Feel free to contact us for more information and to book a day that you will never forget!

Finca Palma Dorada

Learn about the history and geology of the farm, and meet the team who work to develop it;

Puma Dorado Chocolate

Find out about our artesanally produced chocolate, enriched by traces of gold from cacao ‘de fino aroma’;

Natural Reserve

Explore the methods used by a private environmental trust to preserve and protect an area of primary tropical Amazon rain forest, and see the services offered to visitors;



View how the farm offers sustainable production of agricultural and forest products for the international market;





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Tuyano Comunnity

Province of Napo, Misahualli Port


Mobile: +593 99 98 99 959 

+593 99 33 00 079


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