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chocolate puma dorado

Puma Dorado chocolate is enriched with traces of gold because our cocoa trees are located on a gold deposit in the rainforest of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

The enrichment of our cocoa beans with gold elements takes place naturally during the growth process of the cocoa plants. This guarantees the natural purity of the product according to the highest quality standards.

Sustainable Production

In order to maintain an exclusive and limited production, the cocoa beans are fermented in a traditional way for 6 days and dried in the Ecuadorian sun.

Subsequently, the best baking machinery will proceed to make the bars with the cocoa content of your preference.


Original Ecuadorian

Puma Dorado is an original product from the Ecuadorian Amazon and is produced exclusively in the Finca Palma Dorada.

We produce our chocolate according to strict rules and regulations and in line with our motto.

“decent work, clean production and environmental protection”.